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Most clients view the construction process as difficult and cumbersome — KKA Architecture, PA believes there is an approach that can make this process gratifying.

We make the journey from vision to reality with the client through communication, leadership and service. With our clients and their stakeholders, we develop an understanding of their needs by listening to them, seeking information about their purpose, their goals, and their visions.

With this information we use our creativity, our technical skills, and our expertise in design to produce a three-dimensional form that addresses the clients’ needs, culture, and philosophy.

We challenge the client, encouraging them to think beyond now and in to the future to anticipate change, including potential expansion and ever-ending technology. We create designs that accommodate present needs and anticipate future development.

Architecture is a team process, a coordinated effort by the owner, architect, consultants, and contractors. In this effort, KKA Architecture, PA is the leader: defining, refining, and articulating the owner’s vision.

KKA Architecture, PA believes that every client deserves individual attention, and we offer them services tailored to meet the particular needs of the project, site, and budget. Through creativity and responsive architectural design, we deliver relevant, contextual, and award-winning projects.

We stay the course through client transitions, scope changes, and the construction process. We are stewards of our client’s resources; not only their financial resources, but also their time, their dreams, and their trust. We take our stewardship seriously.

The architect’s role as leader is crucial to the smooth running of a project. Through competency, integrity, and service, KKA Architecture, PA brings the vision of each project to fruition.

Check out our wonderful staff that will make the process from beginning to end as smooth as possible!

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